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The Messengers

I Messaggeri - The symbolic substance and the communicative moment of the image are always present, making it possible to place the works of Grazia Zattarin within the broad range of visionary painting, rooted in the poetics of the 18th and 19th centuries, revealed by the symbolist matrix that was so influential (dominated) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and, inspired by Freudian thought, was always to be found in surrealist experiences that bloomed in the 19th century.

Oil on canvas, 50 x100 cm, 2008

At the Mirror

Allo specchio - Even when the sky is not there it is evoked. The image, the double, the reflected representation of the body, seems destined to be robbed of its own personal space.

Oil on canvas, 80 x100 cm, 2008

From the Earth to the Sky

Dalla terra al cielo - Bodies are theatres of condensation and movement. The female body is, becomes, the whole body, where Earth sea and sky find their place, fragments of humanity that cannot be reduced to an immutable form.

Acrylic paint on mannequin, 180 cm, 2008

Looking at you

Guardandoti - The body, the home of Eros, erupts within some nudes, often unfinished, imperfect, almost mutilated, out of range. The paint itself erupts, though is absent elsewhere and confers a scabrous thickness. Almost as if the body, seen only in its material substance, demands a specific type of painting.

Mixed techniques, 50 x 70 cm, 2007

The last Idolators

Gli ultimi idolatri - travels in the Far East, transfigured into a personal Pantheon, feed an evocative and shared imagination of a generation of wandering wayfarers.

Oil on canvas, 70 x 120 cm, 2007 (private collection)

Crystal body

Corpo di cristallo - for Grazia Zattarin, the artistic experience is indissolubly interwoven with human experience, with life. However, she does not cultivate a rarefied and inaccessible subjectivity, garnered through listening to an esoteric inner voice and fed by ineffable mystic moments: the body, despite being sublimated in crystalline matter, still both generates and restrains it.

Oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm, 2007

The self

Il se' - In the extreme finitude of her works, she reveals perfect mastery of pictorial form, which thus, is not the only reason for her research, but does lend itself well to the artist’s compositional intentions, searching for a form that is endowed with an immediacy that evokes both state of mind and ideas.

Oil on canvas, 82 x 62 cm, 2007

Listening to Silence

L'ascolto del silenzio - the horizon is the place of the human figure, immediately, or metaphorically recalled, but always the target in her compositions.

Olio su tela, 50x100cm, 2002

Between Earth and Heaven

Fra terra e cielo - The works of Grazia Zattarin lie within the constant tension between corporeal and spiritual experience, that find their allegorical form in Earth and in Heaven.

Xilograph, 1978

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