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Rocce Dormienti - An impalpable cosmic energy expands within Grazia Zattarin’s works, through a glimmering metaphysical light calibrated to with wisdom. It is that same cosmic energy, internalised by the artist, that draws attention towards its own essence and guides the will, orchestrating, the signs. Grazia Zattarin also proffers an original symbiosis between the pleasantly surrealist world of Magritte, with those large chromatic backgrounds intended to give a flat effect and the tonal choices that range from cobalt blue and bright yellows to gentle, pastel, turquoise and on, to a mysterious metaphysical world perceived within the eloquent silence emanating from the subjects, objects, the protagonists, of each work.

Sleeping Rocks

70x120, olio su tela, 2003 (private collection)

Esposizione di pittura italiana contemporanea
Galleria Espace Miromesnil, Parigi

Within this silence, dense symbologies move towards the perception of mysterious places, solitary temples wherein to condense your being and to begin an unfamiliar, yet meaningful listening. Spaces that exhort you to listen to silence, contemplating the arcane sound of the gentle vibrations with which the mysteries of nature titillate the lightness of the enraptured spirit. In SLEEPING ROCKS, a mystic light pervades the statuesque bodies of sleeping figures, the sparkling tear of a woman whose eyes have been sealed with metal stitches bears witness to a return to life.

Il sè The self

Il sè - Oil on canvas, 68 x 82 cm 2007

The traveller

Il viaggiatore - Oil on canvas, 60 x 80 cm 2006 Personal show (paintings) at Riv.56, Padua. “Ogni pensiero si colloca nel proprio luogo e cerca corrispondenze d'armonia” - Every thought goes to its right place and seeks harmonious connections

Tears of the sky

Le lacrime del cielo - Oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm, 2006 (Private collection)

"The doors of perception divided, split, between the physicality of steep staircases, suggests abandoning our outer adornments, encourage us to throw off the heavy masks of our soul and to plunge with sublime lightness into a dimension without time, without space, without weight."

"The rational touch, the terrain, is gently evoked by the presence of shoes abandoned on the threshold of the sacred enclosure."

"There is no alternative but to begin the ascent."

Language of Love

Linguaggio d’amore - Oil on canvas, 70 x 120 cm ARTEFIERA, Padua, 2007, property of milan gallery studiò

Dissolution Integration

Dissoluzione Integrazione Oil on canvas 40 x 130, 1999 (private collection)